I Don't Understand That Reference

Hi, I'm Brooke. I'm 20, I live in Nebraska, and I am a multifandom blogger. More than likely I will follow back.
Sometimes I will liveblog/post spoilers about a show/movie, but I will always make a post announcing the tags I will be using.
(Just a disclaimer, none of the GIFS or pictures that I post/reblog are mine unless otherwise stated because I have no talent and other people do)
People I Follow
superpower: perfect aim
superhero team: guardians of the galaxy
supervillain: loki
partner: gwen stacy
lover: bucky barnes
side occupation:  drifter
favourite weapon: knives
base of operations: asgard
transport: building hopping

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am I the only one who looks at every grape before I eat it 

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when i find myself in times of trouble

the 12th doctor comes to me

speaking words of wisdom


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trying to watch something online and it keeps buffering 


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wow he sure is hungry


no no that’s just the way all kids eat cereal these days — face first


i’m hip


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Better get my shit packed for Hogwarts the train leaves tomorrow

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How pokémon eat their food 

Vine by AlliCattt

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  • People: Aren't you going a bit overboard?
  • Me: *surrounded by pumpkins and candles and sweaters* Idk what you mean?


he looks so pleased in the end “DID YOU SEE THAT?”

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You asked me if you’re a good man and the answer is… I don’t know. But I think you try to be and I think that’s probably the point.

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